FAQ Consumers

Frequently Asked Questions for Consumers

How do I refresh the map page to see the latest fruits and veggies available in my neighborhood?
At the top left of the map screen is a “Refresh Map” button. To see the latest updates to the map, click the button and the screen will refresh with the latest listings.

Why can’t I zoom in further on the map to see the actual location of the produce?
Local Carrot wants to show you all the great produce in your neighborhood, but respects the privacy of the growers by allowing you to see a relatively close proximity without exposing the actual location. It is up to the consumer and the grower to make arrangements and share only the information that they are comfortable with.

Why do I see so many baskets on the search page?
The basket icon is used to show locations where multiple produce items are grown. The best way to find specific items in your neighborhood is to click the “List” button at the top right corner of the map page and, from there, you can search for specific produce as well as sort by distance, date posted, or alphabetically by the produce name.

What is the best way to see all the produce closest to me?
If the map view does not show the detailed produce item, like “Apple” or “Basil” or “Potatoes” then use the “List” view at the top right corner of the map page.

How do I contact a grower to make a swap?